Jaded is a love letter to the next generation of Asian artists. They are in a class of their own - multi-lingual, multi-talented, and multi-faceted - blurring the lines between mediums, genres, and cultural identities. We are inspired by their resilience, independence, and drive. These are the artists creating the global culture that we envision, one that is diverse and interconnected. We built Jaded to share their stories with the world: intimate, honest, and meaningful visual narratives that reflect the exceptional talent both in-front of and behind the camera.
Founder, CEO, Editor in Chief
Jing Wang

Cofounder, Photo Director, Editor
Abi Raymaker

Editorial Consultant

Terence Teh

Consulting Music Curator
Michelle Kim


Jackie Ngo Renner

Social Media Manager

Valerie Wang

Art Consultant

Amer Nizam

Sarah Lee
Shun Ikegai

Thank you:
Phil Chang
Isabella Burley
Luke Yun
Scott Plagenhoef
Lydia Dewdney-Pala
Josh Kahn
Justin Montag
Eric Ma
Cindy Kim
Rick Savage
Laura Mam
Candice Lawler
Diana Garelik
Monica Kim
Rehi Alaganar
Arjuna Alaganar
Harvey Floyd II
Amer Nizam
Fariha Ali
Andrew Woloz
Jessie Kalikow
Adam Harrison
Steve Shin
Bailey Norton
Lizzie Manno
Mark Koh
Liz Stahl
Camille Park