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The name CIFIKA came from Pacifica, where I used to drive all the time in San Jose. I chose it solely for the beauty of its pronunciation - there’s no symbolic relation to Pacifica at all. I don’t want my name to mean something.

My professional career as a musician started in May 2016, when my first debut single “OOZOO” was released. Before the debut, I had put out some music on Soundcloud, and started making friends in the music field…at that time I was living in the States, but the friends I made through the Internet were from everywhere around the world.

When I first started making my own music, I listened to a lot of James Blake, Flume, Washed Out, Grimes, FKA Twigs, Darkside, Lorde, London Grammar, Marvin Gaye, Arca, etc. I don’t listen to them now because I literally listened too many times.

My first show ever as CIFIKA was held at a small club called “Henz” in Hongdae [in Seoul]. It was a party hosted by Stüssy Korea, and I remember that was also my first time getting free clothes for my performance. Lol.

Every bit of my music career was a challenge to me. I didn’t know what an audio interface was until my musician friend suggested that I get one. That’s like the most basic gear you need in order to produce music… so I lacked all the basic knowledge of actual ‘music production’.

[Now] I have achieved my initial goal, which was to become a full-time musician. I’m a full time musician, I don’t do anything else than making music to make a living.