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My goal now is to become a ‘happy musician’. Half of my music career for the last 5 years, I wasn’t happy. I went through struggles, and wasted a lot of time worrying about things that didn’t happen.

I think success is to have peace in your mind of what you do. I know you will never get satisfied with your own work - I think the rule for an artist is not to fall in love with your own creation, but you can enjoy the moment of creating something from scratch, and be thankful for the people who work with you and for you. There are many ways to see success, but for me [success] is to have peace inside while you are living in your career.

My ultimate career goal is to be sensational, and new each time. It can mean in terms of style in music, style in fashion, style in performance... I want to always experiment with different elements of CIFIKA.

I don’t want to make music that is too serious, but rather something that is catchy and easy to listen to. I do work on some experimental music with installation artists and galleries, but for CIFIKA, I want to present works that are not too deep or completely experimental.

[I want to create] a project where all the people from different countries gather, like an arena in ancient times, or the Olympics in modern times. I want to create a show that’s universally pleasing and enjoyed. I love the energy of “fusion” or “union”.

I want to make something that will just last long. Something that can be loved many times by many people.

I want people to remember my music as good music, [like the] music that changed my life, music that was so good I had to listen to it over and over again!

My dream for the future is to constantly stay creative, come up with beautiful thoughts, and execute the way I want.