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Anything can become an inspiration, and can be used as an inspiration, but these days I like to study different modes of scale and try to make melodies within that scale. Sometimes a movie poster on the street can be an inspiration for my new piece, or a rock that’s standing in the middle of a wilderness. I would say nature is the easiest way to get inspiration.

I like the sounds of waves, sounds of rain, sounds of fire cracking, I even like the sound of leaves rustling… [In nature] I can be no one, I can be nothing. I love everything there is with no reason, or no plans - it’s just there and I’m just there.

These days, I’m thinking a lot about really cool words that contain double meaning, words that have a history of ancient gods, words that have a fun negative and positive space around their type, words with cool affixes/prefixes.

I like to first think visually, and translate that image to music. Because I majored in visual art, I like to think about the scene of a story first, and make that into music.

Visuals and music are inseparable to me - it can be a good aid, or sometimes it can fulfill the missing part of music. It’s like choir music that has to be sung with different parts that make up one song.