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I always dreamed of being an artist as a kid. I used to go to a movie with my dad every weekend when I was growing up, and because of this, I started having interest in visual art.

My greatest supporters of all time are always my parents. I grew up listening to great music because of my mom. And my dad always encouraged me, and let me learn whatever instrument or class I wanted to take.

All I knew was how to sing, a little bit of basic music theory, and how to play piano. After I became serious about music, my biggest challenge was to become ‘professional’ as a musician.

My turning point was when I heard this comment from my professor, Dr. Setziol, during my singing class final exam. After the exam, he asked me to not leave yet, and said “You will make people come to listen to your voice, so you should become a musician. People will pay to hear you sing.”

I felt, maybe if the professor says so, I have a chance to try it out. I will regret it forever if I don’t. So I packed my stuff, and told my parents that I’m leaving for Seoul.