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CHAI is a four-piece band from Nagoya, Japan spreading their philosophy of Neo-Kawaii through their energy-packed pop-punk-dance music and electrifying live performances.

"It has been three years since the last time we played at SXSW. We are very excited to be back here!"

"Our early influence comes from bands like Basement Jaxx, CSS, Justice, Devo, and Tom Tom Club. What they have in common is they use this beautiful distortion. We always remind ourselves of the shock, excitement and emotion we felt when we listened to these bands for the first time. The distortion is what we want to infuse into our music."

"All these emotions of hardness, happiness, and anger can lead to laughter. This is the core message of our songs and I hope we can keep making songs like that. We want to laugh harder and harder!"

"Our message has always been channeled to people all over the world, not only to the people in Japan. What is happening right now is these messages have actually reached the people we intended to."

"Our goal is to make it to the global charts including Billboard and so on. It would be super amazing to hear CHAI’s songs organically from the radio all over the world. Imagine you would hear our songs when you hop in a cab or something. That would be amazing."

"Plus, we would love to be nominated for global music awards including the Grammys. That would definitely make us feel like 'we made it!'"

"Our message is a lot about positivity. We hope the positivity can reach more people in future. We want the world to stay positive without wars and conflicts. We believe in it."