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CIFIKA is a producer, vocalist, and visual artist from Seoul, South Korea. Through her work, she creates worlds that feel boundaryless - fluid across all the senses. These worlds feel safe, free, and sometimes, not entirely human.

"I always come up with visuals first, and just kind of plan out and imagine the whole scene, and I try to execute that into music and make the whole thing cohesive."

"It’s all linked together, it can’t just be music and me singing, it has to be me singing with my clothes on and expressing who I am and what my world looks like. It’s all together, it’s not just music."

"My song 'Grow' in my latest album HANA - I had a very special experience writing that music because it was my first time not caring about the beat or the rhythm. That was really new to me. The whole song is about how expectations grow and fall with gravity, and I think I did a good job executing the energy of gravity into music."

"I would feel like I’ve 'made it' when I feel like it’s time to let go of everything and enjoy the rest of my life, not as CIFIKA but as Yousun. The time when I feel like I can rest."

"I never thought about a message [to send with my music]. I just make my stuff and release it. I don’t really have a particular message to my listeners, I want them to figure what they want to find out in my music."

"My next step is to release a new album this year and do HydroVox 3.0. And be happy and be grateful for who I am and what I do."