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MEYY is a London-based multidisciplinary artist (she sings, she writes, she dances, she creates visuals, she loves math) raised in Brussels with Korean heritage. Her lush and dreamy sounds punched with powerhouse vocals and sensual vibes make her stage performance something to behold. With MEYY, we feel as if we are witnessing an artist on the cusp of a major career.

"This is the first time that I’m performing outside of Europe. The whole narrative of SXSW is very exciting."

"Belgium is a very small country. Everything is more chill. There’s not really a huge chase. I started making music for the sake of making music, not for the fame or whatever. The coolness about it has made me more relaxed in the way that I see music."

"My mom was adopted from Korea (along with her sister) to Belgium when she was two years old. She doesn’t have a lot of affinity with Korea. In the last year my mom and her sister started looking for their birth parents, so this summer we are going to Korea for the first time with the whole family. I’m very excited about that. I wasn’t brought up in a Korean household, I wasn’t really aware of it for a long time. Now that they’re starting to looking into their birth parents, it’s a beautiful journey to be a part of."

"The fluidity of dancing has influenced the way that I make music, the sounds that I like."

"I’m still in university - I study civil engineering. If I wasn’t doing music, I’d be finishing my degree in civil engineering and getting a masters in aerospace engineering. I just love math."

"All my songs I’ve released I wrote by myself. Initially I started writing songs when I was 12 or 13 as love letters to specific people to express how I feel, and I would make the song and I would send it to the people in question. I would be like 'I made this song, what do you think about it?' and then they would listen to it and I would be like 'Yea but did you really listen to the lyrics?' I would just like trick boys. It has worked."

"Everything that I’ve ever wanted I already have, so I hope that it just continues to go this way. I’m so so grateful for how it’s been going."