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So!YoON! is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Seoul, South Korea. She founded the award-winning Korean rock band SE SO NEON at the age of 18, and has since embarked on a long-awaited solo career, incorporating alternative R&B, retro-soul, contemporary pop, and hip-hop into her own unique sound. So!YoON!'s stage presence is incomparable - just watch:

"I’m the type of person who tends to do what I want as it comes up, and so far that has been music. I felt like I was good at music, I like being on stage, but if music ever becomes boring for me then I would definitely try something else."

"So, rather than saying 'I really want to make a lot of money as a musician' or 'I really want to achieve one thing,' I would say I want to keep creating interesting work. That way, when I get older and look back at what I’ve done, I can feel like a grandmother who is proud of all she has done. I think it’s like that for me."

"I just write and sing about the experiences in my life, but there’s a lot of different methods I use. Sometimes I write the lyrics, sometimes the lyrics and melody at the same time. Sometimes I do everything at the same time, and sometimes I take a really long time…"

"I’ve been playing and enjoying soccer since I was young, and I think it's a form of exercise that can be explosive and full of adrenaline. Besides soccer, I like other activities that keep my body active and keep me moving. I think that helps me onstage too."

"But I do other things too, like reading books or watching movies at home. I like exercise, I also like staying home and never going out like a homebody… I guess I like a lot of different things."

"Definitely if I wasn’t doing music I would be practicing art through some other medium."

"There are so many difficulties and we live in a violent world. So, what I want on one hand is cliché - things like peace, equality, and love - it’s cliché but I think it's important. And I hope there's no war, no discrimination, it's not too hard to make ends meet."