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My art is inspired by whatever is happening to me, and whatever I'm interested in at the time that I'm making it. So there's no one overarching theme or subject that I'm consistently trying to work through. Each piece or each separate body of work is just a reflection of what I was thinking about or very inspired by at the moment I made it.

Painter and illustrator Kristen Liu-Wong's painting titled A Beastly Thing depicts a nude woman sitting on the ground leaning on a gilded coffee table. She is covered head to toe in leeches and surrounded by pink peony flowers.

A Beastly Thing/Courtesy of Kristen Liu-Wong

I depict a lot of women in my work, primarily because I'm a woman and I just think you feel drawn to representing yourself. And also the way I think and the way I express myself, I'm very drawn to stories and storytelling. And so I think that's why I also do figurative art more than abstract art. So in that way, I just think drawing women is inherent to me. But it is a conscious decision to make them the kind of woman that I hope to be, the kind of woman that I feel I am, and the kind of woman I'm afraid I am too. I want my women to be both reflections of myself and real women, and also enhanced versions of us.

Painter and illustrator Kristen Liu-Wong's painting titled The Sugar Rush depicts two nude women from the chest up surrounded by clear bubbles and both consuming sweets - one a lollipop and one an ice cream cone.

The Sugar Rush/Courtesy of Kristen Liu-Wong

I deal with my insecurity in my work in two different ways. Sometimes I deal with it by making a hyper-aggressive, hyper strong, powerful woman, and she’s everything that I wish I was. And then sometimes I do make pieces about vulnerability because we all have that. So I do think it's important to reflect on that in my work. For me personally, I would never publicly talk about what I'm feeling, but I can reflect those insecurities in my work.

Painter and illustrator Kristen Liu-Wong's painting titled Get It Clean depicts a nude woman wearing a sheer silk robe and thigh high boots riding on the back of a nude man on all fours on the ground wearing a BDSM mask. They are in a bathroom beside the bathtub surrounded by lit candles and plants.

Get It Clean/Courtesy of Kristen Liu-Wong

I've really been into Nobuyoshi Araki for a while; his photography is really inspirational to me. I love American folk art, too. I love the patterns from Grandma Moses, Clementine Hunter. They're really cool. Tamara de Lempicka. I just love art. So I'm always looking. I love furniture designers. I love architects. I think that you can be inspired by more than just paintings.

Painter and illustrator Kristen Liu-Wong's painting title Still Life With Death depicts a ming vase filled with an assortment of pink flowers, a gutted fish underneath an Asian screen, and two moths.

Still Life With Death/Courtesy of Kristen Liu-Wong