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Editor's Note

On October 1, 2022, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played their biggest New York show ever at Forest Hills Stadium. Opening for them were Japanese Breakfast and The Linda Lindas, a historic lineup that gave us three generations of Asian American women on one stage, curated by our hero Karen O. To us, a media company built and run by Asian American women, this event was deeply personal. We felt it was crucial to capture the importance of this show through the lens of an Asian American woman.

We enlisted Deanie Chen, a stunningly talented up and coming photographer, to create the images you see here. We have been following Deanie’s burgeoning career for some time. She has an exceptional eye, a signature style, and polish beyond her years. She shoots with raw intimacy and sophistication, infusing her work with a rockstar spirit that inevitably draws you in. It felt only fitting that she be the one to drive this visual narrative.

Our goal since inception has been to craft a new voice for modern Asian culture - one that wholly exists beyond the allowances of Western institutions. We aim to champion fresh talent and center diverse perspectives, whether through original content, live events, or our work with brands. Through this pictorial, we hope you can feel what we felt standing in the audience that night - the boundless joy and fearless hope of Karen’s legacy manifested. To borrow Karen’s own words, the tide is truly turning.