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Every Jaded artist shares a core set of values we hold dear -  each deeply independent in spirit, fearlessly self-contained, with singular vision and unwavering courage to execute. Our featured artists have global appeal, not because of deliberate marketing but because of their inherent mindset. With Shelhiel, we found an artist who not only embodies these values but who is on the cusp of greatness. Simply put, Shelhiel is a star.

It does not do Shelhiel justice to describe him as a pop musician. His natural gifts as a producer, singer, and composer are nothing short of phenomenal - his talent is undeniable. What sets him apart is his holistic approach to artistry. He creates worlds that are at once fantastically fictional yet entirely authentic, taking us along with him sonically, visually, emotionally. This is evident from his very first EP Superstrobe, an intricately crafted origin story that sets the stage for what is sure to be a culturally significant career.

We are excited to witness Shelhiel live up to his boundless potential, and privileged to be a small part of his journey. We proudly present Shelhiel’s story through his own words, and the world premiere of Superstrobe.

Jing Wang, Editor-in-Chief, Jaded