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Because of how I was raised, and because I am very, very into my beliefs and my faith, I just know that this life we have is fucking short.

Nelson Chong

Besides leaving a legacy, I knew I wanted to do music for love - it’s a weird thing to say, but in a Christian values way, you want to do it for the love of God, you want to glorify God. I still pray before every show, and I just want to dedicate the stage to the people.

I know that I’m just a vessel. I am an artist, but I am a vessel and I want to share that energy with people.

Nelson Chong

For me, it's about sharing love, because at the end of the day, when creativity turns into a career, a lot of compromises and a lot of different reasoning will affect you. But what's the first reason that you actually started to do this? Everything comes down to why you were doing this. And as an artist, I'm doing this because of love. And because of who I am, and God, and how I want to share love through my music.

Hiren Siva

At the end of the day, I realized that deep down in me I just wanted to share love. As cliche and as cheesy as it is, that is the foundation of what and why I want to do this. And I know this can be the only unstoppable force that can keep me doing this for the rest of my life.

Nelson Chong