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In her own words, SUMIN is a shapeshifter.

SUMIN is a producer, singer, musician, and composer based in Seoul, South Korea. She arrives at our shoot in a beanie, with an iced coffee, looking laid back. Over the course of the day, thanks in part to the work of a styling team, she constantly transforms- from a well-dressed home-dweller to an edgy producer to a runway fashion model. Her personality never shifts, but different facets shine through. From one perspective, she is small in presence and physical size, in her own words “surprisingly cute”, but from another, she is powerful, a giant- producing, composing, and arranging for the likes of BTS and Red Velvet. She holds her own place at the forefront of K-Pop, K-RnB, and the more experimental global pop scene simultaneously.

SUMIN has a presence, but she also leaves space for others. Her close friend and producing partner Slom highlights her ability to empathize, becoming a sponge that makes room for all of her collaborators as a key to the success she has working with such a wide variety of other artists. And yet another side of SUMIN is her intelligence, her classical training in music coupled with a vast knowledge of the artists that came before her, her observations about Korean culture as it fits in the global scene.

She speaks often about being in a lonely place, a space unoccupied by other artists in Korea. Maybe more than lonely, she is singular- not because any one thing she does is completely unique but because the combination of it all, with the diligence with which she executes, puts her in a category that is only her own.