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"I was born and raised in Gildong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. I am an only child. I did not come from a wealthy family, so my parents both worked throughout my childhood, and because of that, I am used to making my own choices and thinking independently. I grew up in a small neighborhood, on a street with a market, and I like rustic and simple things."

"저는 서울 강동구 길동에서 태어나고, 자랐어요. 형제자매 없이 부모님 밑에서 혼자 자랐어요. 저희 집안은 여유로웠던 집안은 아니었어서 부모님께서 맞벌이부부로 오랫동안 계셨고, 그 덕에 저는 혼자서 선택하고 혼자서 사고하는 게 익숙해요. 소소한 동네, 시장길에 있는 곳에서 자랐고, 투박하고 소박한 걸 좋아해요."

"I was a curious and mischievous child. I was playful, had a loud voice, and never felt lonely. I’ve also been called stubborn."

"저는 호기심이 너무 많고, 짓궂었던 것 같아요. 장난기가 많았고, 목소리가 크며, 외로움을 몰랐어요. 고집도 셌다고 합니다."

"My mom was a classical pianist and since I enjoyed singing at an early age, she wanted me to be classically trained. At the time I felt like that didn’t fit my personality, but now I feel differently about it."

"엄마는 클래식 쪽에서 일하고 저는 노래하는 것을 좋아하다 보니까 성악, 동요 쪽을 하길 바라셨던 것 같은데 제 성격하고 맞지 않았던 것 같아요. 지금은 전혀 다르게 생각하는데."

"I studied vocals at University, which was the start of my career. At that time, I had to focus on learning vocal techniques rather than singing from the heart."

"학교에서 보컬 공부를 했었어요. 그떄는 마음으로 노래했다기보다 테크닉만 공부했었어요."

"As I spent more time with performers, I became interested in composing not only vocals but entire songs and all their components, and this led to my debut as a producer."

"연주자들과 많은 시간을 보내면서 보컬뿐만 아닌 음악 전체를 구성하는 것에 관심이 많아졌고, 이 관심은 제가 프로듀서로 데뷔하게 만들어주기도 했습니다."

"I experienced a turning point in my career when I met the Korean artist Jinbo, and was exposed to many new things. I learned boldness, and persuasion. Thanks to that, I was able to grow a lot, and meet and interact with many new people. He occupies a large part of my musical ego, and the ripple effect of that is enormous, making me who I am today. I'm truly thankful for him."

"아티스트 Jinbo를 만나면서 제 커리어의 터닝포인트가 생겼고, 많은 것들을 보게되었어요. 과감함과 설득력을 배웠고요. 그 덕분에 많은 성장을 할 수 있었고, 많은 사람들을 만나며 교류할 수 있게 되었어요.
그는 제 음악적 자아에 많은 부분을 차지하고있고, 그 파급력은 어마어마해서 지금의 저를 만들었기도 해요. 진심으로 고마운 존재입니다."