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“I think the next thing for me is, I want to tell longer form stories and narratives. I've waited a long time to do that, partially [out of] fear of failure. You get comfortable with something and [when] there's something new, you're scared of it. I finally attacked that demon and conquered it. I shot my first short film a week ago, and I've been talking about it forever. I had all this anxiety leading into it, and once I actually started doing it, it was actually fun and natural and challenging, like everything is. I'm glad I finally did it, and I hope it is the beginning of more longer form narrative stuff. But I will always have a soft spot for music videos. But, it would be fun to venture into working with actors and doing drama and dialogue and scratching these other itches of creativity that I have.”

“The creative process for all projects is different. When it comes to music videos, it could range from having an idea instantly to pacing around for a week, flipping through  books, happy accidents, just talking to people. That's the beautiful and scary thing about creativity - you don't know when the right idea is going to strike, and sometimes it doesn't happen. So that's always a challenge, creativity on a deadline. That's something I think every artist struggles with.”

“Those highs that you get from art - the first time watching The Iron Giant, that animated film, one of my favorite films. When the Iron Giant is sacrificing itself, the music is swelling, and the kid says goodbye to the robot. And I'm like, bawling. Those are the things that you live for; the fact that art can do that is so amazing. That’s what I want to do. I want to create moments for people.”

Isabella Tan

“I think [culture] overall is going in a positive direction. There exists an adverse reaction to some of the progress that we've made, but these are the types of growing pains that we need in order for it to become more of an equal, fair, just world. There’s always that period of adjustment, and then it becomes the norm, and people don't even think twice about it. I think there's something powerful about media and representation, like Black Panther being a successful superhero movie, and now we have Shang-Chi. It's just such a difference. I couldn't even have pictured K-Pop being popular with the entire country 20 years ago. So I think it's all moving in a positive direction.”

Isabella Tan

Creative Direction: Jing Wang and Abi Raymaker
Production: Rebel Motion
Director & Photographer: Isabella Tan
Producer: Lindsey Ryan
Line Producer: Sebastian Blue
DP: Isabella Tan & Leo Hsu
AC: Eileen Yoon
Gaffer: Chris Morgan
Key grip: Zane Gan
Sound & Additional Photography: Braulio Lin
PA: Tonya
Editor: Marcus Wei, Winnie Cheung, Michael Angulo
Photo Editor: Abi Raymaker